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Manage employees in multiple locations simultaneously on a single dashboard. Ideal for remote work.
  • Punctuality and attendance per office
  • Intuitive, real-time charts and graphs
  • Forecasts and comparisons between teams
Plan work schedules. Seamlessly adjust work hours and on-call duty.
  • Flexible or complex shifts
  • Stick to breaks and work leaves
  • Multiple sites and teams
Logs activities and qualifies time so you can analyze cost by activity, project or team.
  • Identifies billable activities
  • Organizes expenses, investments and costs
  • Creates real-time charts for cost analysis
Set up workdays and monitor the adherence to schedules, leaves and vacations.
  • Automatic verification of clock ins
  • Easily exports data to payroll systems
  • Turnover monitoring
Free up HR and empower managers and leadership with our team managing app.
  • Compensatory time tracking
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Online timesheet approval
Clock in and out on this mobile app available for Android and iOS. Perfect for managing off-site employees.
  • Facial recognition system
  • Georeferenced location ID
  • Complies with Ordinance 373/11
Collects and verifies timesheets by itself. Meet eSocial deadlines with ease.
  • Detects and reports occurrences
  • Automatically notifies HR
  • Exports data via API
Ensure the safety of people and property in internal or external areas of the company, even from afar.
  • Combine access control and time clock data
  • Multilevel and multiuser
  • Automatic anti-panic system
IoT equipment with 1 year warranty. Count on a single vendor for software and hardware.
  • Anti-fraud 3D biometrics
  • Options for disabled people
  • Resistant to hostile environments

Speed up routine procedures

Speed through work with automatic calculi and real-time results. Watch work flow with no more retyping or human error.

Keep costs under control

Be fully aware of payroll and project expenses. Save up to 30% by cutting back on undue overtime.

Earn legal certainty

Comply with eSocial and Ordinances no. 1510 & 373 of the Brazilian the Ministry of Labor. Everything you need, available at your fingertips.

Real-time HR management.

Embark on digital transformation. Subscribe to SaaS and forever change people management.

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  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Real-time data. No typing, no human error.

  • Cloud Computing

    Always up-to-date, always safe – without extra charges.

  • Machine learning

    Predict scenarios with further analytical precision.

  • Facial

    Facial recognition with geolocated record..

Exactly what you need

Legal compliance and employee time clock automation. Joint management and decentralization. Gathering information for eSocial. Whatever challenge is in front of you, Ahgora is by your side.

Small businesses and startups

Ahgora makes it easier to comply with legislation and helps you to professionalize your HR.

Companies with 300+ employees

More autonomy for teams and managers. Easier data validation for remarkably decisive HR.

Public agencies and autarchies

How about unifying time clocking and access control management? One service facility at a time, or all at once.

Accounting partner firms

Leave typing in the past. Check clients’ timesheets during the fiscal month. Stress-free data export for payroll pay runs.

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