Transform accounting with Ahgora.

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Your client stops clocking-in manually: you refer clients and help them improve legal accountability whilst cutting back on handiwork at your firm.

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We deliver the experience of fully automating clocking-in management:
our software is made available to you and to your accounting partner
free of charge for the first 6 months.

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Together, we deliver more value: when your indication hires Ahgora,
you scale up and feel the benefits of having an automated operation.
Your clients cut back on improper overtime and improve their legal security.

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Ahgora agility and efficiency

Accounting partners have plenty of reasons for joining up: internal procedures, deliver more value to clients and get to try some of our products without charge.

Meet our products

Come to the future.

More than 200 accountancy companies are transforming their accounting work.

I want to join them

Makes the client’s life easier.

User-friendly software, practical apps and robust equipment. Our technology is built to achieve maximum adoption. Simple and online.

  • Clocking in routines automation
  • Cutting back on overtime costs
  • Freeing HR to be dedicated to strategy
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Improve the Personnel Department.

Cloud and IoT Technology to stop with endless spreadsheets
and long waits for information; have more time for the client.

  • End of typing and halt of rework
  • Clocking-in adjustments throughout the month
  • All information in one place
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Orderly growth.

Free software for you to test and approve Ahgora’s products before referring to clients. Different levels of adoption and bonuses — and all of our expertise at your disposal.

  • More profitability with reduction of operational costs.
  • Portfolio expansion — deliver value and raised permanence time from a consultant standpoint.
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Ahgora and you: a successful partnership

We compile data and build simple visualizations so that you can prioritize bringing value to your clients. Everything in a simple, quick and effective way.

Modernize accountancy office management

We apply automatic calculations, alert systems and IoT technology so that you can work in a smarter manner. No rework.

Centralize all of your clients in a single place

Combine activity log and cost management to work hours. Easily identify optimization opportunities.

Prioritize activities that create value

We process data and build real-time charts. Have more analysis power. Make better decisions.

A transformational technology.

Stop wasting time verifying documents.

Perform smart time & attendance management and raise your accountancy company’s service capacity.

Be an Ahgora accounting partner