Keep an eye on it, even from afar.

Integrate both entrance and exit to clock ins. Monitor foot traffic in real time. Grant or deny access from anywhere, online. Ahgora AcessoWEB transforms the relationship between people and spaces.

I want Ahgora’s access management and control

tela acessoweb

Better security and confidentiality.

Restrict, authorize, audit access and attendance.

  • Real-time physical and logical access control
  • Multiple access profiles (guest, employee etc.)
  • Monitor status of equipment remotely
tela acessoweb
hardware controlador de acesso

Powerful technology.

Anti-fraud biometric recognition with a dash of artificial intelligence.

  • Accreditation through biometrics, Mifare, QR Code or RFID devices
  • Remote and automatic record updates via IoT
  • Safe, powerful and readily available servers
hardware controlador de acesso

HR management innovation.

Go beyond. AcessoWEB equipment and software communicate with Ahgora platforms.

  • Cross-checking of productivity, attendance and access data
  • Integration with electronic time clocks to limit access of eployees on vacation or other leave of absence
  • Real-time managerial information via dashboard
tela acessoweb