Time balance at your fingertips.

Real-time information so that the manager can effectively manage teams’ work hours.
Dealing with clocking-in records is done throughout the month — no more hassle to close the payroll record!

I want clocking-in adjustment through the phone

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Convenience for leaders

Information on people management, days-off scheduling and cost with overtime.

  • Punctuality and presence
  • Odd clockings and other incidents
  • Status of absence excuse notes for the period
  • Positive and negative hours per person
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HR and PD exoneration.

Shared attendance management: the end of typing and rework. Advantages of decentralization:

  • Data-based decision-making
  • Cut back on undue overtime
  • Bringing managers and HR together
  • HR acting as a strategic field
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Smart clocking-in and attendance management.

Ahgora Leader is part of a complete and comprehensive system.

  • Real-time interactive dashboard
  • Scheduling and flexible work hours setting
  • Integration with payroll record system
  • Payslip and clocking-in records online consultation
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