Truly strategic HR.

Strategically manage workforce and relocate teams whenever deemed necessary with Ahgora Live.
Properly segmented and adaptative views on staffing levels.

I want the best HR performance indicators

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Unified information

Align data for employees working home office, off-site or spread across multiple offices.

  • Facial or digital biometric ID
  • GNSS geolocation (GPS + GLONASS)
  • Automated calculi and real-time charts
  • Compliant with MOL Ordinances no. 1510 & 373
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Predictive approach.

Connect to analytic indicators for attendance and punctuality problem-solving.

  • Demand forecasting
  • Worspace staffing levels
  • Real-time compensatory hour balance
  • Comparisons between employees and teams
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Prioritize competitiveness.

Ahgora Live is part of the strategic HR product ensemble.

  • Operational efficiency management
  • Security access and attendance control
  • Data leveraging to improve ROI
  • Strategic dashboards and system alerts
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