Demystify the work schedules.

Organize your team’s work schedules based on workforce demand: Ahgora’s Rostering module assembles teams to ensure the most efficient combination.

I want Ahgora Rostering

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Flexible and dynamic.

Ahgora Rostering is especially designed for teams with complex workdays.

  • Intermittent, temporary and CLT collaborators
  • Removal, vacation, time off and allowance alerts
  • Intra and Interday Interval Presets
  • Simple, automated and without legal risks
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Informative and strategic

Visualize the cost of relocation before escalating staff for the work shift.

  • Automatic calculations and comparative queries
  • Exception management with inconsistency alerts
  • Configurable data analytics and intuitive visualization
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Simple journey management

Rostering is an additional module of Ahgora PontoWEB. In practice, you do much more.

  • Manages attendance to ensure operation
  • Complies with ordinances 1.510 and 373 of time registration
  • Attends eSocial Events S-1050, S-2200, and S-2206
  • Integrates with ERP and payroll software
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