Speed up request approvals.

Leverage the power of technology to gather, analyze and correct inconsistencies linked to employee attendance management. Have the necessary information at your disposal, in time for eSocial.

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tela suite do rh

Proactive software.

Simplify, unify and organize clocking-in records verification.

  • Administrative routines automation
  • Easy HR obligations visualization
  • Direct communication between hardware and software
tela suite do rh
tela suite do rh

Agility in intervention.

Gain time and productivity with HR Suite. HR is mobilized in case of:

  • Clocking-in record infringement
  • Exceeded hour banking
  • Associates on vacation
  • Expired contracts
tela suite do rh

Simplicity to HR routines.

Count on the leader in smart technology and convenience.

  • Speed up submission of occupational and fiscal information
  • Optimize employee time & attendance management
  • Monitor team productivity and project costs
  • Protect people and assets with access control
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