Much more than clocking-in records.

When employees clock-in with Ahgora, you get real-time strategic information at your fingertips. Buy PontoWEB software and get the employee app for free.

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No human error, nor fraud.

Forget outdated and untrustworthy equipment. With Ahgora you get:

  • Encrypted clocking-in records
  • Geo-located clockings (GPS, Cell ID and Network ID)
  • 3D anti-fraud biometric reader and Mifare card
  • Equipment status remote monitoring
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Single supplier, free support.

There are more than enough reasons to optimize time and attendance control with Ahgora.

  • Interactive dashboard with management information
  • Alert systems for excuses, absences and late entries
  • Automatic calculi and payroll integration
  • Online clocking-in mirroring and digital payslip
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100% reliable equipment.

Tired of time clocks that do not work? Switch to Ahgora.

  • Withstands hostile environments
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G network connectivity
  • Auto-cutter thermal printer
  • Real time: Internet of Things (IoT) technology