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Administration Secretariat

Efficiency in civil servants management
and agility in organizing information for eSocial

  • Clocking-in and work hour management for civil servants
  • Restricted access to all care units
  • Online hour banking, attendance and punctuality management
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Education Secretariat

Integrated communication among Secretariat, school facilities and families. Bring school and community closer.

  • Set schedules and work hours for teachers
  • Check attendance levels for students, teachers and staff
  • Integrated communication between Education Secretariat, educational institutions and families via app
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Health Secretariat

Monitor and ensure availability of health professionals in care units.

  • Health professionals work hours management.
  • Real-time assessment of servers attendance in care units.
  • Clocking-in identification with anti-fraud 3D digital biometrics or facial recognition.
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Always available.

Count on Ahgora to manage employee work hours, access and productivity. One service unit at a time, or all at once.

Transformational technology

Cloud, artificial intelligence and IoT available at your disposal. Improve efficiency of Administration, Education and Health secretariats in Brazil.

User-friendly system

Ahgora is the preferred time and attendance tool for government employees. Quick, handy and convenient.

Maximum adoption and engagement

Our change management methodology help employees to understand (and love) the technology- and improve results.

Engage your servers.

Overcome budget constraints.

Improve operational efficiency. Gather, analyze and correct inconsistencies within eSocial deadlines. With Ahgora, you can.

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