Revolutionize people management.

2500+ companies perform strategic people management with ahgora.

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Innovative technology

Softwares and apps users love. Our platform
is user-friendly to ensure maximum adoption.

  • Advanced 3D biometric resources
  • Transfers through Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Data mining and machine learning analysis
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Everybody wins

Transparency between teams and leaders. More time to HR. Less costs with payroll. Simple and online.

  • Easy access with cloud computing
  • Multi-level and real-time information
  • Payroll cost reduction
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Your success is our success

Assisted implementation, change management and exclusive contents for customers. All of our expertise at your disposal.

  • Free courses for clients at UniAhgora
  • Help Center with instructive tutorials
  • ADKAR change management model
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Everything, at your fingertips.

Too many contract types? Off-site teams? Too much gathering, analyzing and correcting inconsistencies within eSocial deadlines? Ahgora makes it easy to overcome these (and many others!) HR challenges.

Optimize the team’s time

We apply automatic calculations, alert systems and IoT technology for you to work smarter. No rework.

Gain operational efficiency

Combine activity log and cost management to work hours. Easily identify optimization opportunities.

Make the right decisions

We process data and build charts in real time. Have more analytical power. Make better decisions.

Partnerships that yield results.

Companies with 1000+ associates?

Ahgora is a seasoned service provider of Human Capital Management (HMC) projects for companies like yours.

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