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Over 2.500 HRs perform attendance, productivity and access management and monitoring with Ahgora.

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Stop wasting time and money.

We apply automatic calculi, alert systems and IoT technology so you leave manual work and spreadsheets behind.

60% time saved on timesheet approval

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Prioritize revenue boost

We have combined activity tracking and attendance records.
Get precise and realistic analysis on activity, project or team costs.

30% less costs with undue overtime

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Make grounded decisions

We have set up automatic reports and built real-time charts. Gain analytical power!

  • Turnover monitoring
  • Workstation occupancy rates
  • Office and team comparisons
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Everything, at your fingertips.

Too many contract types? Off-site teams? Too much gathering, analyzing and correcting inconsistencies within eSocial deadlines? Ahgora makes it easy to overcome these (and many others!) HR challenges.

Intuitive and accessible technology.

User-friendly software, robust hardware. Discover cloud computing, artificial intelligence and IoT without spending a fortune.

Great for teams, HR and C-level.

Autonomy, transparency and convenience for attendance management of both local and external teams. In real-time, on and offline.

Multi-platform support.

One-year warranted equipment. Free software support. The success of your HR team is also ours.

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20 employees or less?

Ahgora offers special conditions for small businesses like yours to set up attendance and leave management.

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