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Continuing education

Over ten years of experience, but a startup at heart.

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Create new paths, reach distinctive results.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Completely free health + dental plans

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Education & culture

Pick from: daycare, (post) graduation, language courses, open courses, film…


Fruits, cookies, delicious coffee — and a happy hour at the end of the month.

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Cool place

Foosball, pool table and comfy couches. Open minds and open hearts

Bring talent together.
Get things done.

Our Culture

  • Details are important
  • Internal service reflects on external service
  • We do not let problems grow bigger
  • We learn from our mistakes and provide feedback
  • The written word surpasses time and space
  • We deal with criticism
  • Listen, understand, comply
  • Leaders at Ahgora get things done
  • We are flexible and do not hide behind practices and processes
  • We dare to achieve bold goals.

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Want to make it happen? Come into your own at Ahgora! We have open positons for back office, customer relations, product development…

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